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Core Drilling Accessories

As one of the UK's leading diamond drilling specialists, we have a wide range of core drilling accessories.

Ranging from holding down bolts and wedge anchors to spanners, expansion rods and washers, we have everything you will need, no matter how complex the core drilling requirements.

We supply our core drilling accessories and core drilling equipment to industrial and private clients across the whole of the UK.

Feel free to browse through our comprehensive selection of core drilling accessories below;

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1/2BSP Connector

Price: £35.64Price: £42.77 (inc.VAT)

5/4UNC Connector

Price: £93.06Price: £111.67 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor 1/2 Bit

Price: £9.80Price: £11.76 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor 1/2BSP - 1/2BSP Female

Price: £31.68Price: £38.02 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor 1/2BSP - 1/2BSP Male

Price: £31.68Price: £38.02 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor 1/2BSP - 5/4UNC Male

Price: £21.78Price: £26.14 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor 3BF - 5/4UNC Female

Price: £41.58Price: £49.90 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor 3BF - 5/4UNC Male

Price: £65.46Price: £78.55 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor 5/4UNC - 1/2BSP Female

Price: £21.78Price: £26.14 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor 6BF - 5/4UNC

Price: £29.70Price: £35.64 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor Pack Complete

Price: £19.80Price: £23.76 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor Pack Drift

Price: £1.74Price: £2.09 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor Pack Guide

Price: £4.80Price: £5.76 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor Pack SDS Plus Complete

Price: £24.75Price: £29.70 (inc.VAT)

Adaptor SDS 1/2BSP Male Standard

Price: £17.82Price: £21.38 (inc.VAT)

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Adaptor 6BF - 5/4UNC

Adaptor 6BF - 5/4UNC

Price: £29.70
Price: £35.64 (inc. VAT)


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Golz 50 Litre Water Bottle

Golz 50 Litre Water Bottle

Price: £438.90
Price: £526.68 (inc. VAT)
Special Offer: £415.00
Special Offer: £498.00 (inc. VAT)