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Dry Cut Diamond Blades

Wet and Dry Cut Diamond Blades

We have a huge range of diamond blades and accessories to choose from, making any industrial or private construction project simple and stress-free.

Ideal for chasing reinforced concrete, our wet and dry cut diamond blades are available at incredibly affordable prices and delivered to clients anywhere across the UK.

Made from the finest materials, our diamond blades are built to last and provide decades of effective and reliable use; no matter what the construction or demolition project.

Please feel free to browse through our range of diamond blades below. Alternatively, if you would like any more information on any of our other diamond tools, core drilling accessories or core drilling equipment, you can call our team of diamond drilling equipment specialists today on 01474 321679.

Categories of Dry Cut Diamond Blades

New Products in Dry Cut Diamond Blades

TM70 230mm Premium Reinforced ConcreteBlade

Price: £72.71Price: £87.25 (inc.VAT)

SU30115 Turbo Rim Blade

Price: £9.17Price: £11.00 (inc.VAT)

UG50115 Turbo Rim Blade

Price: £16.50Price: £19.80 (inc.VAT)Special Offer: £12.00Special Offer: £14.40(inc. VAT)

LA75 Asphalt Standard Blade

Price: £76.45Price: £91.74 (inc.VAT)

Slim Fast 180mm Blade

Price: £30.80Price: £36.96 (inc.VAT)

Tradeline Blade

Price: £3.03Price: £3.64 (inc.VAT)

For Hire

New Products

LCP1 Premium Concrete Blade

LCP1 Premium Concrete Blade

Price: £27.50
Price: £33.00 (inc. VAT)


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