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Hakken SPM 302U2E Drill Motor

Price: £1,054.65Price: £1,265.58 (inc.VAT)Special Offer: £750.00Special Offer: £900.00(inc. VAT)

Golz GS70K Wet/Dry Vac

Price: £594.00Price: £712.80 (inc.VAT)Special Offer: £399.00Special Offer: £478.80(inc. VAT)

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Slotted 38mm

Slotted 38mm

Price: £15.24
Price: £18.29 (inc. VAT)


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Golz GS70K Wet/Dry Vac

Golz GS70K Wet/Dry Vac

Price: £594.00
Price: £712.80 (inc. VAT)
Special Offer: £399.00
Special Offer: £478.80 (inc. VAT)